What is VerseBooks?

We’ve built a platform
to register and license music compositions using NFTs.

VerseBooks is a platform for the future of the music industry powering data, music composition registration, licensing, and monetization for the new equity of blockchain and smart contracts.

While existing solutions offer to solve just one problem at a time, our team has built a secure, scalable, & easy-to-use platform based on our proprietary blockchain called VerseChain™. It includes easy cryptocurrency payments integration using our VerseCoin (VSC), and even a digital arbitration system.

At the end, our aim is to integrate all songwriters, artists, record labels, publishers,  producers, DSP’s and performing rights organizations into a unified blockchain ecosystem, which will make business truly efficient, transparent, and reliable using NFTs.

Power of Blockchain

VerseCoin Tokenization Benefits with VerseChain™

With so many problems, there are lots of incentives for artists, entrepreneurs, and music lovers to seek blockchain-based solutions. Blockchain allows us to create permanent, tamper-proof, transparent records.

VerseChain™ is a decentralized blockchain technology which is the backbone to the VerseBooks software platform and smart contract protocols. Compose your lyrics using your virtual VerseBook and keep all of your songs in one convenient and secure place; on the VerseChain™. VerseBooks music blockchain licensing platform was designed with songwriters, artists, publishers, and labels in mind to help move the music creation process into the 21st century.

VerseRegistry™ is a smart contract protocol within VerseBooks platform that enables a user to register their Verses, Compositions or Masters within the VerseNodes™ on the VerseChain™ blockchain. Once registered on the VerseChain™ compositions can be licensed to other users for a fee payable in VerseCoin (VSC). Every transaction is timestamped.

NFT Token Economy

The VerseCoin (VSC)

VerseCoin (VSC) is an ERC-20 cryptocurrency utility token which is used as the primary means of transacting within the VerseBooks platform. All products, Verses, Compositions, and/or Masters listed in the community NFT marketplace of the VerseBooks platform are priced/listed in VerseCoin (VSC). VerseCoin (VSC) is being listed on multiple cryptocurrency exchanges to provide liquidity, trading, and staking of VSC. The primary trading pairs for VerseCoin (VSC) are Bitcoin, Ethereum, XRP, & USDT.


Adaptive Smart Contracts

An enormous diversification in the ways that people consume music has been constituted by the digital age. Presently, there are different types of digital music services. It is no longer feasible to license music and compensate rights holders – such as composers, recording artists, music publishers, and record labels – using the centralized paper-derived processes that are still prevalent in the music industry. Rights and royalty management processes have struggled to keep pace with developments in music access models and the scale of consumption worldwide.

The most significant challenge has been the lack of authoritative, accessible sources of data about music copyright information, including owners of rights and license terms. Our VerseBooks adaptive smart contract protocols register and validate information critical for music service providers and rights administrators to process royalty transactions for the billions of music uses that occur each year. The lack of easily accessible, complete, and correct information causes inefficiencies, ambiguities, inaccuracies, and legal risks. The results have included pools of unclaimed royalties, erroneous transactions, and lawsuits.

Write. License. Earn.

How It Works (NFTs)

VerseBooks is a music licensing platform powered by NFTs enabling songwriters, artists, and labels to register, license, and monetize lyrics & music compositions including verses, hooks, choruses, freestyles, master recordings, audio vocals, and more using VerseCoin (VSC) (cryptocurrency).

Interactive VerseBook

Compose your music compositions in real-time using your virtual VerseBook and keep all of your songs in one convenient and secure place. Never loose access to your music intellectual property again. Welcome to the 21st century introducing the power of VerseBooks.

VerseChain™ Registration

Register your music compositions creating a smart contract as a NFT on the VerseChain™ blockchain. Once registered on the VerseChain™ compositions can be licensed to other users for a fee payable in VerseCoin (VSC). Every transaction is timestamped.

VerseCoin (VSC) Tokens

Generate revenue from licensing your lyrics & music compositions to other VerseBook users as NFTs with a non-exclusive or exclusive term. Upon licensing the music composition the smart contract distributes revenues to the all composers immediately to their VerseWallet™.

VerseBooks Platform

Ecosystem Key Features

Our VerseBooks platform Introduces a premier social community focused on connecting songwriters, artists, labels, publishers, and fans!

Collaborate in the creation and licensing of lyrics & music compositions using the VersePool™ premium feature.

Protect your VerseBook by registering your lyrics & music compositions as NFTs on the blockchain using smart contract technology.

Earn VerseCoin (VSC) by licensing your music compositions to other users in the VerseBooks social community. Grow your VSC by saving in your VerseWallet™.

The VerseChain™ is a tamper-proof, append-only ledger that uses state-of-the-art cryptography.

VerseCoin (VSC) Ecosystem

VerseBooks App & Web Interface

Blockchain-powered social marketplace which connects the music industry and innovates the music creation, licensing, and monetization process.

  • Mint NFTs – Mint your lyrics, songs, compositions, verses, hooks, content and more into NFTs.
  • License NFTs – License your NFTs as ERC-721 or ERC-1155 standard tokens with the ability to receive royalties.
  • Follow/Engage Users – Build your community by interacting with other users.

  • Discover Talent – Discover the hottest new talent as you engage in our community.

  • Enter Contests – Win prizes and VerseCoin (VSC) by competing in various contests.
  • Attend Virtual Events – Enjoy virtual events such as cyphers, concerts, master classes and seminars.
  • Get Verified – Become a verified user to add enhanced credibility in the community.


VerseCoin (VSC)Token Sale

The VerseCoin (VSC) tokens will be available and transferred to you VerseWallet™ within 72 hours following the end of each participating stage in the crowdsale.

1 Jan 2021

90 Days

15% BonusSoft Cap$2M
15 April 2021

60 Days

10% BonusHard Cap$5M
15 June 2021

30 Days

7% BonusHard Cap$3M
Join Our
Pre-Sale List
Pre-Sale Start at 01 Jan 2021
  • Token Symbol VSC
  • Token Sale Start 1 Jan 2021
  • Token Sale End 15 July 2021
  • Tokens for Sale 500,000,000
  • Token Price $0.30 USD
  • Specifications ERC-20 Token
  • Max circulating supply 1,000,000,000
  • Total Sale Duration 180 days

Token Allocation

Operating Allocation


Read Our Documents

Here are our full documents that will help you further understand about our VerseBooks platform and VerseCoin (VSC) framework.

Privacy Policy
Terms of Sales

Road Map

Our team has been working diligently to archive our goals and milestones according to our roadmap.

2020 Q4
Inception of the Project
  • Concept Generation
  • Team Assembly
2020 Q4
Research & Development
  • Proving the Concept Can Work
  • Strategic Plan
  • Whitepaper Completion
2020 Q4
  • Platform Design and Technical Demonstration
  • Building the MVP
2020 Q4
Private Pre-Sale
  • Financing & Seed Funding Raised
2021 Q1
Alpha Test
  • In-House Testing of Functional
  • Prototype Published and Linked to Ethereum Blockchain with real-time scanning
  • VerseWallet™ Launched on Web, iOS, & Android
2021 Q1
Token Sale
  • IEO Press Tour
  • Listing of VerseCoin (VSC) Token on VinDAX Exchange
  • Listing of VerseCoin (VSC) Token on Probit Exchange
  • Open Global Sales of VerseCoin (VSC) Token
2021 Q2
App Beta Test
  • Private Closed Beta of VerseBooks App
  • Open Beta Launched to Public and Improvement the VerseBooks App
  • Acquire $3MM Music Catalog of 120+ Celebrity Music Artists to License on VerseBooks Platform using VerseCoin (VSC) Token
  • Begin Signing Global Brand Ambassadors
2021 Q2
Crowdfunding Integration
  • Smart Contracts Support Music Creators via VerseChain™
  • VerseCoin (VSC) Tokens Supported on VerseChain™ to License Music Compositions of VerseBooks Users
2021 Q3
Community Benefits
  • Establishing Global User Base
  • Begin VerseShow™ Contests in VerseBooks App
2021 Q4
API Integrations
  • Integration of VerseCard™ Hardware Wallet API
  • Integration of VerseBooks Marketplace Cooperative API Module
2021 Q4
More Operational
  • Development of VersePhone™ Mobile Device by BLU Mobile
  • Launch VerseUniversity™ with National Marketing Campaign
Meet The Team

Executive Development Team

The VerseBook Team combines a passion for music, industry expertise & a proven track record in the entertainment industry, blockchain systems, business development, cryptocurrency, and global marketing.

Delence A. Sheares Sr.
CEO & Lead Developer

Co-founder and lead developer of VerseBooks & VerseCoin (VSC). Delence has an extensive background in tech development ranging from blockchain, apps, smart contracts, AI, OTT, as well as music and video steaming platforms. Mr. Sheares is a graduate of the MIT Blockchain Program.

Shahul Hameed
Senior Developer

Industrious software developer commended for contributing to innovative, groundbreaking software solutions to meet business demands and needs. Design Architect, Coder, Library Developer. Passionate about delivering high quality design driven solutions on cloud and on-premise technologies to large volume businesses.

Vijay Amirtharaj
UI/UX Designer

Proactive and detailed UI Designer with 9+ years of proven end-to-end experience in designing Mobile/Web apps, I’m focused on creating meaningful experiences through design. Experienced working in an Agile/Scrum development process. Able to take idea from concept to wireframe to prototype to visuals.

Satish Kumar
Blockchain Developer

Highly organized and independent; able to effectively coordinate tasks to accomplish projects with timeliness and creativity. Experienced supervisor with a management style that motivates staff productivity. An expert in blockchain projects and exchange applications and keeping up to date with market trends.


Ryan Larry
VerseBooks President

Co-founder of VerseBooks & VerseCoin (VSC). Ryan has a dynamic background in music licensing, artist management, & marketing and promotions. Mr. Larry has successfully discovered and managed artists such as Trippie Redd and Saint Lamar to name a few. Ryan has a deep connections and over 15+ years of experience in the music industry.

Bernie Laurence-Watkins
Intellectual Property Attorney

An experienced transactional attorney in the areas of Entertainment, Digital Media, Copyright and Trademark Law and Business Transactions. Contract drafting and negotiations, Copyright and Trademark prosecutions, publishing and licensing rights, start-ups, partnership agreements, company acquisitions and dissolutions.

Matthew Markoff
Music Licensing Advisor

A midwest born and raised Artist turned Music Executive that has success navigated the landscape of Hip-Hop for over 20 years. As an A&R and Legal Admin, Markoff has served at the helm over 120+ album releases for the likes of Wu-Tang Clan, Snoop Dogg, Redman, The Dogg Pound, Kxng Crooked, E-40 and dozens more of Hip-Hop’s Elite.

Abel Mason
Strategic Partnerships Advisor

25-year+ span in corporate consulting for some of the biggest entertainment companies and music entertainers. He was first discovered as an R&B singer by Marlon Jackson. Abel then discovered his love for the exec side of the business and started connecting with record companies, music producers, publishers, artist, musicians, and songwriters.

News & Press

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Frequently Asked Questions

Below we’ve provided a bit of answers about blockchain, VerseBooks, VerseCoin (VSC) Tokens, cryptocurrencies, and few others. If you have any other questions, please get in touch using the contact form below.

VerseCoin (VSC) is an ERC-20 cryptocurrency utility token which is used as the primary means of transacting within the VerseBooks plat- form. All products, Verses, Compositions, and/or Masters listed in the community marketplace of the VerseBooks platform are priced/listed in VerseCoin (VSC).

In Ethereum, an ERC is an Ethereum Request for Comments. These can be seen as technical documents that outline standards for programming on Ethereum. They should not be confused with Ethereum Improvement Proposals (EIPs), which, like Bitcoin’s BIPs, proposes renovations to the protocol itself. ERCs instead intend to establish conventions that make it easier for applications and contracts to interact with each other. Once new ERC-20 tokens are created, they’re immediately interoper- able with benefits and program supporting the ERC-20 standard (software wallets, hardware wallets, exchanges, etc.). Unlike ETH (Ethereum’s native cryptocurrency), ERC-20 tokens are not held by accounts. The tokens only exist inside a contract, which is like a self-contained database. It establishes the regulations for the tokens (i.e., name, symbol, divisibility) and holds a list that maps users’ balances to their Ethereum addresses.

The contract address for VerseCoin (VSC) is https://etherscan.io/address/0x67b162f8f79d03b194e241ddaf6459f149349bb6

To purchase VerseCoin (VSC) we accept Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Litecoin (LTC), and Ripple (XRP).

You can participate in the VerseCoin (VSC) crowdsale by downloading and reading all of our required documents including (1) Whitepaper (2) Risk Factors (3) Terms of VerseCoin (VSC) Token Sale (4) Privacy Policy and (5) Submit your Required KYC Documentation. Upon the acceptance of terms, verification and approval of your KYC documentation you will be able to purchase VerseCoin (VSC) by accessing the VerseWallet™ platform via web (wallet.versecoin.com), Android, or iOS.

Yes, it Is in our roadmap to list VerseCoin (VSC) on as many cryptocurrency exchanges as possible in order to provide additional liquidity, trading, and staking opportunities for VerseCoin (VSC) token holders. Our first exchange that we are listed on is VinDAX exchange as of April 1, 2021.

Yes! We already have a VerseWallet™ for Android, iOS, & Web that is currently available for download.

Crowdsale is a type of crowdfunding which is done through the issuing of cryptocurrency tokens that are purchased by contributors to finance some project. The value of these tokens is dependent on the success of the crowdsale project and may become much higher in the future.

Tokens can be bought in pre-sale using standard cryptocurrencies: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, XRP and Bitcoin Cash. By purchasing the tokens in pre-sale, you’re getting a voucher for the amount of tokens you’ve bought. You can later claim them when the VerseCoin (VSC) Token goes live.

The VerseCoin (VSC) Token will immediately be available as a medium of exchange within the VerseBooks platform & network for various VerseBooks goods and services, including those of specified VerseBooks’ partners. The token will also be usable within VerseTV™, VerseShow™ and the VerseUniversity™ platforms. Our long-term goal is to provide as many uses as possible, so stay tuned for updates!

Please refer to our Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Medium, and Reddit pages. For more in-depth discussions, check out our Telegram (VerseBooks). Also be sure to download the VerseBooks mobile apps to engage with the VerseBooks & VerseCoin (VSC) token community!

VerseCoin (VSC) Token is funded by the shareholders of VerseBooks, Inc. We also allocate a portion of the sales of the tokens to the operations of VerseCoin (VSC) Token.

Cryptocurrencies and the subsequent technology that drives them are still in their early phases. Every day more individuals, companies, and countries pivot towards the industry to empower themselves in new and groundbreaking ways. The crypto industry will continue to grow and change the world.

Bitcoin’s use is limited to storing monetary values like gold and transferring them between users in a decentralized manner. The VerseCoin (VSC) Token, on the other hand, can store complex information and be used within smart contracts. This means VerseBooks users will be able to trade their music composition resources - like verses. hooks, lyrics, AudioVerses™ and more - for VerseCoin (VSC) tokens or real-world money without the need for third parties. Developers will also be empowered to monetize their creations, as smart contracts allow us to trace every piece of intellectual property and compensate songwriters, producers, artists, labels, and rights holders accordingly. This stops music compositions from being reproduced or copied unauthorized conserving their value.

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    VerseBooks stands firmly in empowering songwriters in support of financial freedom and the liberty that blockchain provides globally for anyone to voluntarily participate in a permissionless and decentralized network.

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